It Began with a Pop.

Bijou Schmidt (Owner and Roaster) began his coffee roasting journey in a small apartment kitchen with a 1980s popcorn popper. The mess it made and time it took were nothing compared to the amazing flavor produced by fresh beans. Thus our coffee adventure was born, as well as our mission to help humanity flourish one bean at a time. We helped move a team to Ethiopia to establish roots and build a school for refugee children. Every bag of coffee means hope to those without.

We moved to Seattle, WA to follow our dreams of coffee roasting. We explored the coffee land for 2 years until we quit our jobs and slept on couches for 7 months making our dreams happen.

What’s Our Goal?

Holy Schmidt Coffee Co. exists to help humanity flourish. We don’t sell coffee to be cool. We sell coffee to ensure farmers receive fair wages and safe working conditions. We sell coffee to help create a school for refugee children in Ethiopia. We sell coffee to provide warmth and hygienic conditions for the homeless of Los Angeles. We want people to more than exist, we want them to flourish, and we do that through coffee.

We are currently teamed up with GOBE to establish homes in need. Follow us on our journey as we help humanity flourish one bean at a time.

Our Mission: Coffee Perfection

We never compromise our sourcing practices; meaning you can rest assured that the farmers who worked so hard to produce your coffee were paid fairly and treated well throughout the process. Our coffees are certified direct trade or fair trade and are organically grown.

We meticulously source only the most delicious coffee that is specialty grade and ensures fair wages for those who grew and harvested it.

We roast our coffee how Goldilocks would like it. Not too dark, not too light. For our coffee geeks, our roasts are city plus to full city roasts.

We love what we do and are so blessed to be able to continue serving you.

– The Schmidts

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