Panama Geisha Finca Santa Teresa


Grade: SHB
Cetification: Direct Trade
Continent:Central America
Country: Panama
Region: Chiriqui
Varietal: Geisha
Farm: Finca Santa Teresa
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1500 Meters
Cupping Notes: Fruity, Floral, Bright.

Description: “Finca Santa Teresa is blessed with rich black volcanic soil, a high altitude location and favorable weather patterns associated with both the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans; this results in coffees of singular quality. The Finca is located along a series of beautiful valleys and ridges which create a variety of micro-climates and give individuality to each of their lots.

The Finca is located at 1400-1800m and the coffee planting is interspaced by live barriers, streams, and broad sections of virgin forest. Squirrel monkeys and many of the 600 species of birds in the area are often seen in and around the Finca. Adjacent to the farm is the La Amistad International Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site jointly managed by Panama and neighboring Costa Rica. FST operates a best practice approach to all of its activities.”

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