Ratio: An Amazing Cup Series


How much coffee should you use?
The ratio of coffee to water is key when making a delicious beverage.

This is the strength of your coffee.

I get a lot of questions of whether our coffee is strong or not.
It’s a loaded question because the strength is actually the ratio. It’s usually thought of as roast level which is a whole other discussion.

I have a few recommendations for ratio.

14:1 and 15:1

When there is too much coffee it’s overpowering and can be construed as bitter.
When there’s too much water, it’s less flavorful, less caffeine and watery tasting. (weak)

It’s best to achieve this measurement with a scale that measures in grams.

I like the ratio of a lightly roasted coffee to be 14 parts water and 1 part coffee.

A medium or darker roaster coffee I would use a 15 parts water to 1 part coffee ratio.
This compensates for the roasty taste that darker coffee imparts so you get a more balanced cup.

I measure this ratio in weight not volume. My scale uses grams.
For a 10 oz cup, I use about 20 grams of coffee.
I multiply the coffee weight by 14 to get 280 grams water or about 10oz. Similary I would multiply 20 grams of coffee by 15 to get 300 grams of water for a darker coffee.

If you’re using teaspoons it’s about 7 grams of whole bean coffee per spoon.

*Pro Tip: For making Cold Brew Concentrate that you could add hot water to in the morning, Use a 4:1 ratio for the concentrate. And use a 14:1 overall. Example: 50 Grams Coffee Multiply by 4 to get 200 grams of cold water. Add the remaining 500 grams of hot water in the morning to dilute and enjoy. 50 grams coffee to 200 Grams cold water and 500 Grams hot water.