Coffee Storage

Coffee is freshest within the first two weeks of it being roasted.

That said, how should we be storing coffee inside that period and post that period.

Our Coffee comes sealed in a specially designed coffee bag with a one way valve. Shipped to you in the most ideal conditions.

Once you open the bag, it’s going to stay fresh inside the bag, which is why we’ve provided tin ties to reseal the bag.

If you are a freshness fiend, you would want to put your coffee in a sealed, airtight container out of sunlight.

“If you are comfy, so will your coffee be.”

Coffee is best stored at room temperature, so don’t worry about storing it in the freezer like those old wive’s tales say to. Most people that say that’s the way to store coffee don’t know why they think that is the best way to store coffee.

The truth is that once coffee is roasted it starts to let off gases from the roasting process. Once it has finished releasing those gases it is susceptible to outside odors and flavors that affect the taste.

Freezing coffee actually acts as a dehydrator and really affects the flavor of your coffee, would not recommend it.